HowTo boot the kernel image ?

With your genuine Keith&Koep bootloader you have two choices for booting. Either you can insert a CompactFlash or SD/MMC-Card formated DOS/FAT with the image file on it or transfere the image file via tftp. For linux the servers are very easy to setup / configure (see section prepare) so i use this possibility.

Boot from network

To boot from network use a boot-header with "-d0" option (see section prepare). When your board is powered up get the prompt of the bootloader on a serial port terminal (p.e. minicom @ 38400 8n1) by typing "ESC" till a response is returned. (sometimes i have to reset and try several times!). Then just type "tftp" and it's gone (if you have configured correctly).

Boot from storage device

To boot from SD/MMC storage card format it FAT and copy your prepared image to it. If the file is successfully copied name it AUTOBOOT.000

Boot from flash

To boot from flash use a boot-header with -d3 option

 - your kernel zImage
 - the "gen_boot" tool from K&K

What you need for booting from tftp is:

 - a DHCP-server to get an IP-address
 - a TFTP-server to get the kernel Image
create a bootheader passing the commmand :
 > gen_boot -d0 0xa2000000 1 0xa2000000 0x200000 > /tmp/header

and append the kernel-image to the header
 > cat /trizeps4_path/linux/arch/arm/boot/zImage >> /tmp/header

For the boot-header you have two useful choices :
(There are more options with this tool but not very useful here)
 1 - load file into RAM and start from there with option "-d0"
     (This choice is rather for testing without erasing anything)
 2 - load file into RAM and burn it into flash with option "-d3"
     (This choice is for permanent installation and erases previous images)