These are the projects im currently working on.

Linux for Trizeps

The project trizeps4 is a linux port for the Keith&Koep SoM tripzeps4 based on a PXA270 which runs normally under WinCE. Now genuine K&K bootloader is able to load linux but with limitations.
Now the trizeps support is extended to the trizeps5 SOM based on a PXA320 which is the successor of trizeps4. It is possible to create a common kernel image booting on both trizeps 4 and 5 depending on machine ID.
I have an U-boot binary to boot passing all parameters, but it is not yet available.


I am also building an OpenEmbedded distibution for my HTC-BlueAngel based on a PXA263 running under WinCE too.


Additionally i have some ideas that are not yet ready.
Perhaps more tomorrow!