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trizeps: patches

trizeps4-k2.6.28.diff                diff against kernel 2.6.28 for trizeps4 and trizeps5
trizeps4-k2.6.27.diff                diff against kernel 2.6.27 for trizeps4
trizeps4-k2.6.24.diff                diff against kernel 2.6.24 for trizeps4
trizeps4-k2.6.23.diff                diff against kernel 2.6.23 for trizeps4
trizeps4-k2.6.22.diff                diff against kernel 2.6.22 for trizeps4

For older version please have a look at the public directory

trizeps4: other

trizeps4-2.6.x zImage                Compressed kernel Image
trizeps4-2.6.x kzImage RAM       Kernel Image with K&K header (d=0)
trizeps4-2.6.x kzImage FLASH    Kernel Image with K&K header (d=3)