Trizeps4  Trizeps4(c)

This is the trizeps4 System-on-module from Keith&Koep. For futher details please look here or visit their hompage.

Basic support for trizeps4 module is now available in mainline-kernel :-)
I try to update kernel-sources for this module and the ConXS evaluation board as good as i can with support from ARM-LINUX community.

Till the recent changes have found their way upstream to standard kernel I will provide patches in the download area.

Im not yet ready to commit u-boot sources to but i hope i'll find the time to do that one day. (Perhaps YOU can help !?)

What you need is :

- K&K bootloader
- kernel 2.6.xx + trizeps4-k2.6.xx.diff which gives you a zImage
- root filesystem to program on a SD-card

What is working (onboard):

- basic kernel booting
- PXA serial console
- PXA framebuffer LCD 640x480
- PXA USB-OHCI (port 2)
- DM9000 network device (only trizeps4)
- UCB1400/AC97 touchscreen
- UCB1400/AC97 sound

What is working (on baseboard):

- PXA MMC/SD card
- PXA PCMCIA CF socket 0
- LCD Power switching
- PCF8593 RTC

What should work but untested:

- PXA USB device
- PXA IRDA serial
- LCD Contrast

What does not work (yet):

- BG211 WLAN (only trizeps4wl)
- suspend / resume

What is NOT planed:

- PXA USB OnTheGo (port 1)
- DoC 3G device (only trizeps4)

At this point i'd like to thank the whole team of Keith&Koep for their support.