How to prepare for bringing the kernel on board

Most probably you have a genuine Keith&Koep bootloader. To boot your freshly compiled kernel with this bootloader you need to add a boot-header in front of the kernel-image telling him how to handle the following bits and bytes.
If this is done you can configure the DHCP- and TFTP- (NFS-)servers and advance to the next section booting

What you need is:

 - your kernel zImage
 - the "gen_boot" tool from K&K
   # a FAT formated SD/MMC/CF-Card or
   * a configured DHCP-server up and running and
   * a configured TFTP-server up and running
 - a configured NFS-server (if you intend to boot from NFS)

Command hints:

for creating the Keith&Koep bootimage use the following commands :

 > gen_boot -d0 0xa2000000 1 0xa2000000 0x200000 > /tmp/header
 > cat /trizeps4_path/linux/arch/arm/boot/zImage >> /tmp/header

Setting up different options:

For the boot-header you have two useful choices :
(There are more options with this tool but not very useful here)
 1 - load file into RAM and start from there with option "-d0"
     (This choice is rather for testing without erasing anything)
 2 - load file into RAM and burn it into flash with option "-d3"
     (This choice is for permanent installation and erases previous images)

Server options:


For setting up an DHCP-server just make an entry like the following one for your platform with the correct MAC-addres, the attributed IP-address and the name of the file to load up on request. It can contain the NFS-server path too which you need when you want to boot from NFS

       host trizeps4_eval {
        hardware ethernet 00:50:c2:3b:82:c1;
        filename "/kt4";
        option root-path "/project/trizeps4/rootfs";

For setting up a TFTP-server just configure the directory which to serve (server_args = -s /srv/tftp/) and place the image file (in this example ./kt4) with sufficient permissions in this directory


For setting up a NFS-server edit the file "/etc/exports" and add a line like the following one to grant NFS-access to the mentioned directory for host in the given IP-address range :