Welcome to my work on EMBEDDED LINUX.

Whats new ?

smile Happy new year 2009 !
Kernel patch 2.6.28 for trizeps4 now supporting
also trizeps5 modules in a common image
arrow Kernel patch 2.6.27 for trizeps4 is out !
Cleanup with use of latest API's
arrow Kernel patch 2.6.24 for trizeps4 is out !
Bootable Kernel with initramfs created
arrow Kernel patch 2.6.23 for trizeps4 is out !
arrow Kernel patch 2.6.22 for trizeps4 is out !
and the Homepage got reworked ;-)
arrow Kernel patch 2.6.20 is out 18.03.2007
arrow Early version of this long ago

For furter details have a look at the Projects page